Friday, June 6, 2014

Vermont Track Championship Information Flyer

Div.II Track & Field
State Championships
@ Heitkamp Track & Athletic Field
Fair Haven Union High School

Saturday June 7, 2014

     $1.00 Donation to Slater Track


Important Information

Vermont Division II Track and Field
State Championships
@Heitcamp Track and Field
Fair Haven Union High School
June 7, 2014

SPECTATORS: Please remind your parents and fans that there will be an admission fee or $7.00 for adults and $4.00 for students (age 6-18).   Spectators are to stay outside the fence and out of the infield, as well as the competitor areas (shot put, discus, javelin, high jump, long jump and pole vault). Only athletes, coaches and Event Personnel are allowed on the infield during the track meet!  

Pets will not be allowed on campus.   This can create bad feelings and stress for people if they bring their pet.  Pets will not be allowed AT ALL so please help spread the word.
MEDICAL ATTENTION: We will have a certified athletic trainer and an assistant on site all day. If your athlete needs medical attention, please have them go to the Medical Area in the infield near the finish line.  Water stations will also be set up near the competition areas. If athletes need to be taped (ankles, wraps etc), please bring your own supplies.  In the case of extreme heat, our medical staff will have an ice bath prepared, as well as iced towels.  There is very little shade on our campus.  Teams are encouraged to bring tents.
TENTS:  May be set up on the outside the track fence, or in the outfield area of the baseball field. No tents may be set up on the main field inside the track.  
BATHROOMS: Will be available to the general public through the main school entrance doors, as well as at the back entrance of the building.  Portable units will also be available near the field events area.  
             Please take spikes off when in the building.
FINISH LINE: Everyone is asked to stay away from the immediate finish line area to avoid crossing in front of the automatic timing system.  
CONCESSION STAND:  There will be a concession stand run by the Slater Booster Club. Breakfast sandwiches, pulled pork and chicken sandwiches, hotdogs, hamburgers, various drinks, candy and popcorn will be sold.  The food will be tremendous!
T-Shirts: The Slater Booster Club will also be selling Championship T-shirts for $15.  We will sell them until they are gone.


Vermont Division II Track and Field
State Championships
@Heitcamp Track and Field
Fair Haven Union High School
June 7, 2014
COACHES MEETING: There will be a mandatory coaches meeting at 9:30am at the scoring tent (finish line). Please plan on attending this important meeting!  Packets will be handed out at this time.  
COMPETITOR NUMBERS:  All athletes will be assigned a competitor number for the day.Each athlete will be given ONE number for the entire day. There will not be any replacements.  They must wear that number at all times and will not be allowed to compete in any event without it. The number should be worn on the back by all athletes other than those actively competing in the high jump (wear on front).  Hip numbers will be given to athletes on the track when heats are being set up.  These should be centered on the left hip (visible from the side) and not covered by the uniform top.
SCRATCHES: There are no adds/changes allowed at the site. Scratches should be emailed to before Friday.  All race-day scratches should be reported to Check-In Table by 9:00am at the latest.  If an athlete is scratched from an event, they will not be added at a later time.   Please note the recent VPA rule change regarding check-in calls.  There is no longer any 2nd call, only first and last calls (report at first call, must be there by last call, or will be scratched).
SPIKES: Please ask your competitors to take off their spikes when entering the school for bathrooms etc.  Not only do they damage the floors, but they are slippery and kids tend to slide and fall!  Only 3/16" or smaller spike (pyramid or needle) exposure or flats will be permitted.  We will also be enforcing the rules on spike length (< 3/16ths" exposure, so be sure to have the correct spike length before you arrive. 
POLE VAULT:  Please bring your pole vault certification forms. Athletes will not be able to compete without a form on file.   Starting heights will be 5’6” for girls, and 7’6”’ for boys.
HIGH JUMP: Starting heights will be 4’2” for girls, and 5’2” for boys.
SHOT PUT, DISCUS & JAVELIN: Implement weigh-ins will be required for shot put, discus, javelin between 9:00am and 9:45am before the meet. Only checked and marked equipment will be permitted in competition and in warm-up throws. Equipment not passing inspection will be stored by meet officials during the meet. Athletes may collect it after the meet is over.

Entry Fees: Please make checks to the hosting school.
Entry fees (not participation fees - a check must include fees for all athletes entered into the meet) will be $20.00 per individual up to a maximum of $150.00 per team. Read team, not school. Therefore boys team is $150.00 and girls team is $150.00. Entry fees must be paid prior to participation. Fines and entry fees MUST BE PAID (check must be received by a host school) prior to issuance of competitor numbers/bibs and a team packet.

Event Order List

Vermont Division II Track and Field
State Championships
@ Heitkamp Track & Athletic Field
Fair Haven Union High School
10am Start--June 7, 2014

All times are approximate and events will follow the flow of the meet

Field Events - Saturday 6/7/2014 - Starts at 10:00 AM
10:00am                                Girls High Jump                   Finals
10:00am                                Boys Discus Throw             Finals
10:00am                                Boys Long Jump                 Finals
10:00am                                Boys Pole Vault                   Finals
10:00am                                Girls Shot Put                       Finals
11:30am                Girls Javelin Throw                             Finals
11:30am                Girls Long Jump                                   Finals
Boys High Jump                  Follows Girls                        Finals
Girls Discus Throw              Follows Boys                      Finals
Boys Triple Jump                Follows Boys LJ                 Finals
Girls Pole Vault                    Follows Boys                      Finals
Boys Shot Put      Follows Girls                                       Finals
Boys Javelin Throw            Follows Girls                        Finals
Girls Triple Jump                 Follows Girls LJ                   Finals

Running Events Start at 10:00am

Girls 4x800 Meter Relay                   Finals
Boys 4x800 Meter Relay                   Finals
Girls 100 Meter Dash                          Prelims
Boys 100 Meter Dash                         Prelims
Girls 100 Meter Hurdles                     Prelims
Boys 110 Meter Hurdles                    Prelims
Girls 1500 Meter Run                         Finals
Boys 1500 Meter Run                        Finals

One Half Hour Break

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles                    Finals
Girls 100 Meter Hurdles                     Finals
Girls 4x100 Meter Relay                   Finals
Boys 4x100 Meter Relay                   Finals
Girls 400 Meter Dash                          Finals
Boys 400 Meter Dash                         Finals
Girls 100 Meter Dash                          Finals
Boys 100 Meter Dash                         Finals
Girls 300 Meter Hurdles                  Finals
Boys 300 Meter Hurdles                  Finals
Girls 800 Meter Run                         Finals
Boys 800 Meter Run                          Finals
Girls 200 Meter Dash                          Finals
Boys 200 Meter Dash                         Finals
Girls 3000 Meter Run                         Finals
Boys 3000 Meter Run                        Finals
Girls 4x400 Meter Relay                   Finals
Boys 4x400 Meter Relay                   Finals

Field Events Map Location

The map below represent the location of this year's field events. The push pins represent on or about where an event will be held.

Thanks to Noah Goodhue for his help on adding the field events map.